The Tomahawk Kennels farm is like Disneyland for dogs! It was 100% designed for training retrievers. On site is 31 acres of rolling hills, hillsides, terraces, flat ground, and every kind of water you can imagine! On the north end of the farm is the technical pond where all the advanced concepts like channel work, down the shore, points, re entry, etc are taught and conditioned. Then there is the stick pond full of flooded timber, logs, stumps, decoys, etc. This is where we get pups comfortable with real life hunting scenarios and build their confidence around obstacles in the water. In the bottom we have our swim by pond and that is where the real magic happens. It looks simple but that is the most important water on the property and that is where the solid water foundation is built. This fall we have added the canal pond. It is a 150 yard swim and has a ton of teaching and conditioning opportunities. When you arrive at the Tomahawk Kennels grounds you will see that we have spent our money to ensure your retriever has every opportunity to learn and be the best it can be!