State of art kennel

The Tomahawk Kennels facility is a 5-star resort for retrievers! The building is a frame-built brick building constructed in 2021. It is climate controlled and insulated with closed-cell foam insulation. The interior is board and batten vinyl walls for easy maintenance and cleaning. The floors are stained concrete on grade so water flows out to the drains and into the septic system so that the kennel stays dry and smells pleasant. All of our kennels are Mason brand built with FRP and stainless materials. Each kennel is equipped with a Kuranda dog bed and a stainless water bowl. We have a security system that has 24/7 surveillance of each kennel and facility. We have a fully secured airing yard on the back of the kennel. We are a fully staffed kennel and the dogs are cared for and taken out several times every day. All of our water is overhead so that there are no hoses and clutter on the floor breeding bacteria. We have instant hot water to help better clean the kennels and keep a more sterile environment for the pups. We have a veterinarian on call 24/7 in case an emergency does arrive. When you come to Tomahawk Kennels you will see that the care and safety of your pup are very important to us!



Our training program was developed specifically for the Boykin Spaniel. We believe Boykin Spaniels need to be trained like Boykin Spaniels and not like other breeds. With that statement, we also believe not every dog fits in the same box so we carefully read each daily and make our training schedules based on the individual dog.